These works on paper in the medium of pastels have abstract and realistic qualities at the same time. We can go in our mind to the places we have traveled before but now dare not. Visual memories of reflections, color, sounds and smell are present in areas of texture light and dark.  Look deep and see the black beneath the color —,symbolic of the richness of daily life. It’s simply the graceful moments that leave us unaware of the impermanence that haunts us all. TMay they help to reduce their suffering in some small way for all beings.

Raja I young prince • 24 X 36″ • Pastel on paper

Raja II • 24 X 36″ • Pastel on paper

Male sewing with yellow shirt • 24 X 36″ • Pastel on paper

 No. 10 • 9 X 12″  • Pastel on paper 

Pregnant Woman • 24 X 36″

Custom dog portraits are also available please feel free to contact Vala for questions or quotes for custom dog portraits